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Thank you for helping us spread the word about the Racial Equity 21-Day Challenge. Below you will find various resources to help you share with others. Our goal is to engage thousands of people in the Challenge.


These one-page flyers provide an overview of the challenge, and how people can sign up to participate.


Each of the following links will download a Word file with a sample message for you to copy and paste into your internal and/or external email or messaging programs to help spread the word about the Racial Equity 21-Day Challenge. Feel free to edit the content as you please to suit your needs.


Download sample posts and graphics for promoting the Racial Equity 21-Day Challenge on your social media channels.


This PowerPoint presentation provides additional information for you to share with others about the Racial Equity 21-Day Challenge.

Download PowerPoint files. 


You may use the following treatments of the Racial Equity 21-Day Challenge logo to create your own promotional communications. We are including links to:

  • DOWNLOAD | .PNG files are best for on-screen use, but are relatively low-resolution and can look blurry when printed.

  • DOWNLOAD | .JPG files are easy to use in small-sized print materials, but will lose their integrity and can appear stretched out if enlarged too much or incorrectly.

  • DOWNLOAD | .EPS files can be used in print documents and other higher-resolution pieces. These files can be blown up to larger sizes without losing resolution, but can be more difficult to work with if you’re not familiar with working with them. A graphic designer or digital layout specialist may be needed.

15-second TV Ad

View the message that appears on WSOC-TV

Connect with us.

Join the conversation on social media using #uwccEquityChallenge

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