DAY 5: Privileged – Who Me?

“The very ink with which all history is written is merely fluid prejudice.” – Mark Twain” –Henry David Thoreau
White privilege is defined as the unearned social, political, economic and psychological benefits of membership in a group that has institutional and structural power. Peggy McIntosh, senior research scientist at Wellesley Centers for Women, explores several privileges in White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack. A few of these privileges are depicted in the diagram below.
We commonly hear about privilege because of race or gender. However, privilege also exists for different groups based on religion, sexuality, ability, class and education level. It is important to recognize that privilege can give you advantages in life, but having privilege is not a guarantee of success.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: Do one or more of the following…


Read the article Who Gets to Be Afraid in America?, written by Ibram X Kendi, director of the Boston University Center for Antiracist Research. It highlights the relationship between Black people and American perceptions of them.


Last year, comedian Chelsea Handler produced a documentary on Netflix, “Hello Privilege. It's Me, Chelsea,” where she explores the concept of white privilege. Watch this two-part interview with her (Part 1Part 2) to hear more about how and why she decided to produce this documentary.

Watch Unequal Opportunity Race, a short but powerful African American Policy Forum video to demonstrate how inequality exists throughout our society.


Listen to the podcast Addressing White Privilege from Salud America! discussing white privilege and its impact on communities of color, featuring Dr. Rogelio Sáenz, dean of the College of Public Policy and the Mark G. Yudof Endowed Chair at University of Texas at San Antonio.


Discover where you are on the privilege spectrum by taking this self-assessment by UCA Education.


Take part in this week's service activity: Black Authors Children’s Book Drive

Encourage literacy in our community’s youngest members by collecting and donating new children’s books by Black authors. These books will be distributed to children in need by our distribution partners. Learn more and give back.


Capture what you learned by journaling your thoughts and feelings about today's content. Click below to download a journal page for today.
If you are participating in the Challenge as part of a group, download this free guide to help facilitate discussion.

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