DAY 17: Allyship

“The circle of human concern should include everyone, including those with whom we disagree. We are all a part of each other. We don't like it, but we're connected.” –John A. Powell, Leader of UC Berkeley Othering & Belonging Institute

What does it mean to be an ally? An ally seeks to understand what it feels like for another person or group to be oppressed, and despite knowing you will never fully understand how it feels, is committed to valuing and supporting people who are marginalized. Now, more than ever, our society has become a polarizing place.

We all have personal experiences that impact how we view the world around us – these experiences have shaped our conscious and unconscious biases. A major component of being an ally is the ability to reflect and understand that your own lens is your starting point. From there, you can seek out information about the group you are supporting before moving in to action. Reflection and action are critical steps in allyship.
In order to build your allyship knowledge, you should:

  • Intentionally engage with people whose background and experiences are different from yours,
  • Listen to what other people have to say, and
  • Identify ways that you can use your privilege to offer support.

Keep in mind, being an ally you must regularly listen to those around you, adapt your thinking and challlenge what you believe to be correct and become comfortable being uncomfortable.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: Do one or more of the following…


In this open source starter guide from Amélie Lamont, writer and creator of the Guide to Allyship, consider the Do’s and Don'ts of Allyship that are important to know as you practice and evolve your role in supporting equity and inclusion.
Read about how to be a better ally in the workplace in the article “Allyship - The Key To Unlocking The Power Of Diversity” from Sheree Atcheson, a global change maker in pushing for equality in industry. Looking for a place to start? She recommends taking time to really listen to the experiences of those around you.


Watch this video with Franchesca Ramsey, actress, comedian and activist, on the 5 Tips For Being An Ally. It’s short and energizing.


Listen to entrepreneur and business consultant Jennifer Brown discuss the Allyship Continuum and learn how you can go from apathetic to an advocate.


Identify five ways that you can become an ally to someone.


Take part in this week's service activity: Shop Online

This week, give virtually by shopping local nonprofits' Amazon Wish List for new children’s books by Black authors or socks, facemasks, hand sanitizer and hats/gloves. Learn more and give back.

Capture what you learned by journaling your thoughts and feelings about today's content. Click below to download a journal page for today.
If you are participating in the Challenge as part of a group, download this free guide to help facilitate discussion.

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